How to write the best CV depending on where you are in your career

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The new year is, for many, the perfect time to look for a new job, and sprucing up your CV is an essential part of the application process.

Whether you want a promotion or a career change, or recently lost a job, you can improve your CV using the advice below.

Some of the top recruiters in the country have spoken to Telegraph Money to disclose what employers really want – and the common CV mishaps to watch out for.

‘I’m changing careers’

You’ve got reams of experience in your field and have worked your way up the pay scale, but want a change.

Instead of seeing your employment history as a turn-off to prospective employers, use your CV as a tool to make it relevant to your future career direction.

Victoria McLean, career coach and founder of consultancy, says it is essential to create a CV that highlights transferable skills. “Drill down into the roles you’ve had and what you’ve learnt from them or what you achieved. Identify exactly which transferable skills you have and how they could relate beneficially to the job you’re after.

“Facts and figures give a real boost to your CV, so quantify your achievements if possible. Give evidence of how you’ve reduced costs, attracted clients or built a winning team.”

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